De Playlist #69: Palla d’Uovo

Iedere maand 15 nieuwe tracks in de playlist. Uitgekozen door één van de heren of andere relaties van de Stookhoksessies. Het kan alle kanten op.

Deze maand: Palla d’Uovo

Palla d’Uovo — A musical concept with its roots in Groningen based around synth-heavy music genres such as Italo, EBM, and Dark Disco. 

A platform for both established and upcoming artists to share this sound, as well as a tool for discovery of new songs and artists.

Palla d’Uovo aims to create a diverse and inclusive community. This means that we encourage everyone to engage and participate, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or age. 

We also strive to provide a platform for artists from groups that are currently underrepresented in the music industry, such as (but not limited to) BIPOC, queer, and/or female artists.

This playlist has been hand-picked by our community members and encompasses the wide range of sounds & emotions we capture with our selection.

From the more soft & atmospheric, to rough & high energy, there’s something in here for everyone.

In these 15 songs you’ll find a nice build-up of all the different forms synth-focussed music can take on.

We start out with spacious and groovy tunes, which over the course of 15 tracks evolves into more heavy and up-tempo vibes.

There’s even some tracks from local artists & producers!

Much love and enjoy!

Palla d’Uovo

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