De Playlist #55: Cian (@bigbubbahrecords)

Iedere maand 15 nieuwe tracks in de playlist. Uitgekozen door één van de heren of andere relaties van de Stookhoksessies. Het kan alle kanten op.

Deze maand: Cian (@bigbubbahrecords)

Howdy. My name is Cian - born and raised in Ireland but now living in the land down under. The majority of my recreational time (and money) is spent devouring all kinds of different music. I buy a copious amount of records and once upon a time I attended a lot of gigs. Fingers crossed the latter can happen again soon.

During lockdown, I was encouraged to start blogging about my record collection and some of the music that I have stumbled upon over the years. I don’t have any specific obsession, instead I like to dip my feet into a range of sounds. I would go insane if I had to eat ham sandwiches every day, so it makes zero sense for me to listen to nothing other than rock and roll.

Given that this playlist is being sent to The Netherlands, I decided to gather up a collection of electronic tracks from local Australian artists. My father worked in Amsterdam for many years so I’m somewhat aware of the passion for electronic music over there. Maybe some of these songs are familiar to you, but hopefully at least one can give you that excited sensation when you hear a new track and want to learn more. Ultimately, I just hope that it encourages someone to buy a record or share a song.

My enthusiasm for the genre and for collecting physical music was probably sparked by my mother though. She gave me her cassette copy of “The Fat of the Land” when she upgraded to the CD version. That’s really where my fascination with music and electronics began. And it’s largely why I have been unable to save enough money for a deposit to buy a house, but that’s another story.

If you are bored, curious or mildly interested about what else might be on my turntable, you can find me on Instagram: @bigbubbahrecords

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