De Playlist #50:
Better In The Dark

Iedere maand 15 nieuwe tracks in de playlist. Uitgekozen door één van de heren of andere relaties van de Stookhoksessies. Het kan alle kanten op.

Deze maand: Better In The Dark

Not all songs are available on Spotify so we linked them to the Youtubefiles.

I’ve been a huge fan of electronic music from an early age be that electro, synth, house etc. There’s something magical and intriguing in how the culmination of electronic digitalised sounds, effects and rhythms create something wonderful, emotive, and of course danceable.

There’s so many influential artists in this area and I love how it continues to grow, reinvent and stay creative. My playlist is a mixture of classic, new, pioneers and unknowns. All have their place.

Bicep are flavour of the moment. Their sound is unique and mesmerising. Glue is my ultimate favourite but their first album takes me back to my trip to Hong Kong.

Future Self is a good friend who’s making some fantastic deep house.

LFO; what else is there to say apart from a genuine bass heavy techno classic.

Altern8 maybe more known for their bleepy rave anthems but this track pays homage to their house influences. It’s also one of the tracks that made me create my own music.

Haider is an artist from Sheffield U.K. producing great house

The Gui Boratto track “Arquipelago” I first heard at a gig in London and still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. Cool track.

Synth pop pioneers, Pet Shop Boys. Still got it. Still highly influential. Love how they’ve redefined electronic music into this whole art world. Love the simplicity of this dub mix.

Claptone is such a great artist. I don’t see him as a remixer but more as reworking tracks with guest vocalists.

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