De Playlist #13:
Hans Beekmans

Iedere maand 15 nieuwe tracks in de playlist. Uitgekozen door één van de heren of andere relaties van de Stookhoksessies. Het kan alle kanten op.

Deze maand: Hans Beekmans

Recently I changed, due to terminating my label Lowriders, my way of listening and digging music. I stumbled into a total new breed of cassette labels. These labels and musicians enjoy the gritty-ness and the decay of the sounds. I can relate to that. It takes the uniqueness of the medium and turns it into its strong point.

From this I started listening more into recent dubs and spaced out sounds and experimental structures.

I would like to share these recent discoveries. This made me start a series of gloomy dubs. This is the kick off.

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