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Andreas Tölle

Iedere maand 15 nieuwe tracks in de playlist. Uitgekozen door één van de heren of andere relaties van de Stookhoksessies. Het kan alle kanten op.

Deze maand: Andreas Tölle

So here is my list. Tough decisions to make when you are into a lot of genres like me but at the end there is always the character of deepness within: deep ambient, deep techno, deep house, dub techno and the things inbetween. It´s a functional yet emotional trip from the beginning to the end filled with actual releases and spiced with 3 "older" gems by Efedmin, 1977 and Hundreds which are stone cold classics for me anyway.

I´m also glad that it´s a playlist and not a mix because i really hope and think you get the whole flavour of almost 2 hrs of music by listening to it in full length - although i should not compare my vinyl listening behaviour to your mp3 sessions;-)

So now: pump up the volume and get into trance!

Andreas Tölle (Pocketrevolution)

Andreas Tölle is een 'electronic music & vinyl lover' uit Berlijn en post op zijn Instagram dagelijks de meest fijne electronische releases op vinyl

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